It’s Time To Tune-Up Your Furnace

If you aren’t using it regularly already, chances are that you will be soon. The sun is setting sooner and temperatures are getting cooler which means it is time for your furnace to shine. However, that can only happen if your furnace gets the right service to help it work right.

Furnace Burners Close Up

No one wants to face a pricey repair and the loss of the use of their furnace in mid-winter. That is a cold and uncomfortable situation. And thankfully it can also be an avoidable one. With a yearly tune-up, you can keep your furnace running reliably and avoid that inconvenient and unexpected furnace repair in Sugar Land, TX.

How Maintenance Helps Keep Your Furnace Going

You can think of maintenance as something of a preventative type of service. Yes, it helps to address those small problems in your furnace that might reduce efficiency or effectiveness. But, that annual tune-up is also stopping things from getting worse, too.

Let us explain with an example.

You have a furnace that ran throughout the late fall, winter, and early spring. You got maintenance for the system last fall which is great, but now it is a new year. Even if your furnace has been sitting unused all summer, it may have some issues that developed over the months it was in use previously. Let’s say that it collected some dirt inside of it. That dirt may seem harmless but it collected inside of your furnace burners. If it isn’t cleaned out, that dirt will cause ignition delays for your furnace which will strain the system. That added strain can and will increase the risk of repair needs and can even increase the risk of a safety issue like a cracked heat exchanger.

All of this, thankfully, can be avoided with professional maintenance.

The Perks of Annual Maintenance Service

Maintenance prevents problems, plain and simple. But let us break down some of the major benefits that come from this:

  • Improved efficiency: Your furnace can lose 5% of its efficiency level each year–unless it gets a tune-up. With yearly maintenance, the system can keep up t 95% of its original energy efficiency level over the course of its lifespan.
  • Optimal heating: A well-maintained heater is also going to be able to perform more effectively. None of the small problems that would otherwise hinder the heating process will have a chance to mess things up.
  • Fewer repairs: We touched on this briefly above but we want to reiterate that maintenance can help you avoid and prevent a majority of the repairs your furnace would need otherwise. What’s more, when repairs do pop up, they’ll be far more affordable too.

As you can see, maintenance provided by a professional has the ability to benefit you in multiple ways and save you from a lot of trouble. If you haven’t already scheduled your yearly tune-up, today is a great day to reach out and set up an appointment.

Schedule your furnace tune-up with Fresh Air, LP so you can enjoy reliable heating in your home.

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