Why Is My Furnace So Noisy?

There is nothing quite so enjoyable as a night in when you can curl up on a couch with your loved ones to watch a good movie. The home is cozy and the popcorn is hot but there is a problem: you can’t hear the movie over the racket that the heater is making. You don’t want to turn your furnace off because it is cold outside but you need to hear the dialogue in the movie if you are going to understand the plot. Closed captions are helpful but the source of this issue is found in the fact that you need heater repair in Sugar Land, TX!

6 AC Noises You Never Want to Hear

When your furnace starts to make too much noise, it isn’t something to ignore. What you should do is reach out to Fresh Air, LP to schedule a repair. We can identify and address any of the noisy issues we’ve listed below.

Furnace Noises and Their Possible Causes

Some noises will be easy to bypass (though we urge you not to ignore them) while others are going to beworrying enough that they disrupt everything. At the end of the day though, any and all irregular furnace noises should be treated with concern. Here are some of those noises you should be on the alert for:

  • Rattling: Does it sound like something is, well, rattling around in your furnace? Chances are this noise is being caused by loose parts that are vibrating in their housing, like bolts or screws. This sound may also be caused by loose fan blades. The sooner you handle a rattling noise the better because if you ignore it, the sound will only get worse.
  • Clanging: Remember how we said that rattling noises would worsen if ignored? This is the sound that you will end up hearing if a rattling noise is allowed to go on for too long. Clanging noises are usually caused by those loose parts having come free and bouncing around in your system. As you can imagine, this is going to be very damaging to your furnace.
  • Hissing: Hissing is not the same as the sound of air exiting your furnace. Instead, hissing is a noise that can indicate more than one issue in your system. One cause of a hissing sound could be air forcing its way through a clogged filter or even escaping through leaks in your ductwork. Another source of a hissing noise may be a cracked heat exchanger. In short, hissing shouldn’t be ignored!
  • Screeching: Screeching, also referred to as “screaming,” is hard to ignore and for good reason. This sound often indicates that your fan blades are coming loose and are scraping around in their housing. This creates that distinct metal-on-metal noise.
  • Banging: Last but not least, you may be hearing a banging or booming noise from your furnace. This may come from a loose blower door, clogged ignitors, or even ductwork that is expanding and contracting aggressively due to an improperly sized system.

Need help getting your furnace back to normal? Contact the NATE-certified technicians at Fresh Air, LP to get the services you need.

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