Is an Energy Recovery Ventilator Right for Your Home?

As can be expected, most homeowners in Texas want to be comfortable in their homes. And they deserve to be! That being said, there are a number of factors that can influence someone’s heating or cooling habits. You may constantly adjust your air conditioning system or open windows throughout your home to get some fresh air in, despite this negatively impacting AC efficiency. The good news is, you don’t need to do this. Our solution for you is an energy recovery ventilator (ERV).

How Does An ERV Work?

An energy recovery ventilator is a mechanical device that is developed to recoup energy that would have otherwise been wasted when ventilating a home. Modern homes are constructed with airtight features in order to increase the efficiency of our air conditioning and heating systems. While this is beneficial for those systems, it is not for our indoor air quality.

While this tight construction eliminates the risk of energy loss through air leaks, it can also make it almost impossible to ventilate one’s home successfully. Older homes might err on the side of too much ventilation, with inefficient home envelopes. By equipping your modern home with an effectively installed and serviced ERV, however, you can properly ventilate your living space without wasting energy in the meantime.

Improved Efficiency

Not only does investing in an ERV help your indoor air quality, it also helps you energy-efficiency wise. This is because when dry, cool air is vented out of your home in the summer, the hot, more humid air being brought in is precooled by the outgoing stale air. In the winter, an ERV helps warm—but stale—air to get vented outside while it heats up incoming fresh, but cold, air in the process. The result is improved air quality, lower energy costs, and less energy waste.

For professional energy recovery ventilator installation in your Sugar Land, TX home, contact Fresh Air, LP today!

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