Would You Benefit From an Air Filtration System?

It is nice to see all the green trees and blooming flowers lately. However, all that growth comes with some drawbacks. There is more pollen in the air and that means that some of us are hiding out indoors a bit more often to avoid the allergy symptoms those airborne particles can create.

Would You Benefit From an Air Filtration System?

The problem with this is that many modern homes actually have worse air quality than that outside the front door. Pollen shouldn’t be your only concern here either. If you are battling poor indoor air quality, there may be contaminants circulating through your home that are leading to worse comfort and worsening health too.

Poor indoor air quality is a tough problem but we have a possible solution that can help. Read on to see if you might benefit from installing an air filtration system in Sugar Land.

Why Invest in a Whole-Home Air Filtration System

If you do decide to get an air filtration system, we’d strongly advise getting a whole-house system. Rather than plugging into an outlet in only one room, these systems are installed within your ductwork. This allows them to filter all of the air that is being pumped into the house by your HVAC system, rather than only filtering the air in one room.

Air Filtration Systems Are Different Than Your HVAC Filter

We also want to clarify that your HVAC system filter and an air filtration system are not the same thing. HVAC filters are made to keep dust and debris out of your heater and AC unit, rather than helping your indoor air quality. An air filtration system by contrast is made to protect your home and you from dust and other airborne contaminants.

The Benefits of Adding an Air Filtration System

Installing an air filtration system, which involved a semi-permeable membrane in your ducts, is going to be beneficial to you in the following ways:

  • Helps reduce the dust that can get into your HVAC system: You want as little debris to enter your HVAC system as possible. An air filtration system can help with this and leave your system operating far more effectively and efficiently as a result.
  • Reduces respiratory irritation: An air filtration system can capture a wide variety of airborne contaminants, from dust to pollen to fur and more. This is going to prevent these particles from irritating your nose and eyes, helping your respiratory health and reducing allergy issues.
  • It improves indoor air quality and keeps your home cleaner: By removing a large amount of debris from your home, an air filtration system can help to improve your indoor air quality. This by default is going to help your overall comfort. This system will also reduce the amount of dust that can be spread around the house which helps keep things cleaner.

Does an air filtration system sound like exactly what you need in your home? If so, make sure to talk to an expert technician to get your installation started.

Contact Fresh Air, LP to schedule your indoor air quality system services.

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