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The Importance of Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance

Spring is upon us, and with that is the warm weather. If you’ve already had to turn on your AC this season, you hopefully did not experience any detrimental problems. Your AC system’s components get a good workout—and a good amount of natural wear and tear—this time of year. So, if your system doesn’t get regularly maintained, there’s a good probability that it will eventually break down without warning.

However, if you haven’t scheduled a maintenance appointment since last fall, now is the perfect time do so. Routine air conditioner maintenance can help you potentially avoid a full system break down or expensive emergency. Maintenance is about a lot more than just this though. Keep reading to learn about the importance of spring air conditioning maintenance.

Less Repairs

With routine maintenance, your system will be regularly inspected, and therefore protected. You’ll be less likely to run into sudden, unexpected issues and less likely to face expensive repairs that might have been prevented. Additionally, proper maintenance can extend the life of your cooling equipment, so you don’t have to replace it in a few short years.

Saves Money

According to, your HVAC system can make up about half of all your home energy costs. This means that your air conditioner takes up a pretty significant portion of your monthly bills. But what if we told you some of these costs may be unnecessary?

Without routine maintenance, your system accumulates dirt and accrues damage without you knowing it. As a result, the AC won’t work as efficiently as it should. During maintenance, your HVAC technician thoroughly inspects your entire system, does a routine cleaning, and makes necessary adjustments. This ultimately saves you money as you won’t have to prematurely replace your system.

To schedule your air conditioning maintenance appointment in Sugar Land, TX, contact Fresh Air, L.P. today!

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