Odd Noises and Other Signs Your AC Needs Repairs

A properly working AC is crucial for your comfort throughout the summer. However, AC problems occur when you least expect them so it is good to be as prepared as possible.

Odd Noises and Other Signs Your AC Needs Repairs

Knowing the signs that your unit needs repair can help you get the problem solved before it leads to worsening damage or a full breakdown. There are multiple indicators that something is wrong with your AC. Be attentive to your unit and see how it is behaving–if it is exhibiting any of these warning signs, make sure to reach out for AC repairs in Sugar Land to get your system back into working order.

Here are warning signs your AC needs repair:

1. Odd Noises

Different sounds from an HVAC unit are often indicators that your AC needs repair. These noises can include rattling, clanging, hissing, bubbling, screeching, and more. Screeching, for example, may indicate you have a dry blower motor belt that needs to be lubricated.

2. Poor Cooling Throughout the House

Imagine your AC not cooling you in the hottest month. It will cause a lot of inconveniences. The problem can occur due to an incorrectly set thermostat, dirty air filter, malfunctioning condenser unit, frozen evaporator coil, or another issue.

These problems can require repair or the system may need a full replacement. Regular maintenance by an HVAC specialist can help prevent some problems but not all of them.

3. Short cycling

Short cycling is a term used to describe when the air conditioner turns on and off frequently. The shorter the cycle, the harder your system needs to work.

One cause of short cycling is that your system is improperly sized, which can shorten the system’s lifespan and increase your energy bills. Lack of prompt repairs and maintenance can also cause short cycling. Consult a professional to check the problem.

4. Weaker airflow

The common sign of weaker airflow is having cold and warm spots in the house. Low airflow is caused by leaks from small holes and cracks in the duct system. The leaks cause a drop in air pressure, prohibiting uniform cooling. In addition, if the ducts are dirty or blocked, they can block consistent airflow.

Closed valves and vents may also prevent airflow. An HVAC contractor can check the problem, fix cracks, or clean vents or valves.

5. Ice Builds up in the System

Ice can build up in your air conditioner when there is a problem that is hindering the absorption of heat into your system’s refrigerant. This causes the refrigerant to cool the air around the coil, freezing any moisture that is on the line and leading to ice build-up. The more ice there is, the less effectively your system is able to work.

6. Increased Energy Bills

A malfunctioning AC can cause electricity bills to be higher than usual. If the air filters are dirty, they restrict airflow, making the unit take longer to cool your house. The increased run times lead to high bills due to motor and compressor overheating. Regular unit maintenance can prevent problems like these.

Is something wrong with your air conditioner? Contact Fresh Air, LP today to schedule repairs. Trying to handle repairs yourself can cause more damage to the unit. Let the experts address any issues your AC is dealing with.

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