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Sugar Land TX Heating

The climate during most of the year in Sugar Land is warm, with steep peaks of heat during the summer. But we can’t completely dodge periods of cold weather, and if you leave your home without a heating system that’s capable of dealing with the cooler temperatures, you and your family may end up feeling miserable.

Fresh Air, L.P. is here to make certain that you don’t have to go through any chilly stretches in your house. Since 1971, we’ve watched out for the comfort needs of homeowners in this area. Our technicians provide any sort of heating service people may need, such as new installations, effective replacement, fast repairs, and regular pre-season maintenance.

You can trust your heating needs in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding areas to Fresh Air, L.P..

Why Trust Professionals for Heating Installation and Replacement

You’re planning to have a heating system put into your home. It might be the first heater for a new house, or it could be a replacement for a heater that’s past its prime. Should you save a few dollars and go with non–professionals? No, because not only will this not save money (there will be numerous repairs and an early replacement due to the ineffectual installation) but going with amateurs can create major safety hazards—especially with a gas–powered furnace. Only professionals can assure that you’ll have the right type of heating system put in, sized to match your home’s needs, and that it will work at maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Repairs and Maintenance for Heaters

Our technicians have the skill and training required to see that a heating system receives a great installation the first time. But nothing can guarantee that a heater will work without troubles for the rest of its service life. Make it a point to call on us whenever you notice anything amiss with your heating system: we offer 24–hour emergency service to assist you with restoring warmth to your home no matter when the heater starts to fail.

In addition to repairs, you should also arrange to have annual maintenance for your heater. One of our specialists will come to your house in the fall and provide the heating system with a thorough inspection and tune–up. This will help keep away repairs and extend the life of the equipment.

Our Heating Contractors Offer and Service Many Types of Heating Systems

The heating market today is quite crowded, with many different options for ways to provide central comfort for a house. Fresh Air, L.P. has an extensive range of heaters available as new installations or replacements. But we also service all of these systems, so you won’t have to worry about whether your heater will eke its way through the winter: call us for routine services and targeted repairs so you’ll also feel assurance that your heating system will do the job it’s supposed to.

Below are some of the specific heating system and services that we offer to Sugar Land residents. Give us a call find out more details.

Ductless Systems

Air ducts aren’t necessary to enjoy central forced–air heating. If you have a home that lacks space for a ventilation system, or you’re designing a house and want to save space, ask us about installing a ductless mini split. These heating (and cooling) systems work through small air handlers placed around the rooms.

Dual Fuel Systems

Heat pumps are a popular way to provide heating and cooling for a house, but sometimes they need a boost in the heating departing. A dual fuel heat pump uses a back–up furnace that runs from natural gas or other heating fuel to provide the necessary assistance when the temperature drops too far.


No type of heater is more common than the furnace. There are many types of furnaces available, with natural gas and electric models the most popular. We provide installation for furnaces, and will see that you have the ideal one for your family’s comfort needs. Trust us for repairs and other furnace services as well.

Heat Pumps

You can have your home’s heating and cooling necessities packaged into a single system, a heat pump. Heat pumps take the action of an air conditioner and give homeowners the ability to reverse the direction that they move heat. Ask us about heat pump installation or any other heat pump services.


You can’t run a heater without a thermostat, and a malfunctioning or out–of–date thermostat can impair how well a heater operates. Our technicians will help you with repairs or upgrades that will give you the best thermostats possible. We offer many great new thermostat models, including cutting–edge Wi–Fi and "smart" thermostats.

Zone Control Systems

If you don’t like heating up the entire home with the furnace or heat pump each time it turns on, contact us and arrange for installation of a zone control system. This will give you the power to control which parts of the house receive heated air, helping you to save on energy bills and create a cozier overall environment.

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