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Indoor Air Quality Services

The air that flows through your house, moving from the ventilation system supply ducts into the rooms and then back through the return ducts, is filled with millions of tiny particles. Many are harmless, but many aren’t. These harmful contaminants can include everything from pollen and pet dander to volatile organic chemicals, dust mites, and mold spores. Even the cleanest home can encounter trouble from pollutants that arise from things as simple as building material and cosmetics.

How can you deal with the unhealthy airborne particles moving through your home? You can start with a call to Fresh Air, L.P. in Sugar Land. We offer many indoor air quality products, services, and solutions. We’ll help you find the best way to purify your air so that everyone in your household can enjoy a healthier and more comfortable environment around the year.

Call us when quality matters! Fresh Air, L.P. can solve your indoor air quality problems in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding areas.

Why Your Home May Suffer from Poor Indoor Air Quality

People tend to think of air pollution as something that occurs outside. But the truth is that often the air inside a building is three to four times worse than what is outside. Once of the reasons for this increase in indoor air contaminants is that the heavy insulation and heat sealing on buildings to help keep their HVAC systems efficiency ends up giving no way for indoor particles to escape. The concentration of pollutants builds up over the months, leading to poor quality. And there are legions of sources inside a home that can lower the air quality: paint, paint thinner, cleaning products, pesticides, smoke, fuel combustion, hobby products, etc.

Ways to Solve Air Quality Issues

What is the best way to approach all of these indoor air quality troubles? There are numerous devices and services that will help, each targeting specific types of issues. Installation of air purifiers and air filtration systems are among the most immediately helpful. Homes that have problems with moisture extremes (too dry or too humid) can benefit from a professional installing a whole–house humidifier and dehumidifier. There are also ways to bring in fresh air without making the heater or air conditioner suffer. To find out more about the ways available to boost your home’s air quality, call up our specialists.

No Matter What You Need for Better Indoor Air Quality, We Have It

At Fresh Air, L.P., we take your comfort seriously, as well as your health and that of your family. These are the reasons we offer such a wide range of indoor air quality services. Not only do we install all the devices listed below, but we also provide repairs and maintenance service for them, plus replacements when necessary. In addition, we have specialists who work with insulation and various duct repair and sealing services that will make your home more energy efficient in general along with improving its air quality. Look to us the Sugar Land area for whatever you need to boost your indoor air quality.

Air Duct Cleaning in sugar land, tx

Air duct cleaning is an important service for your home. An enormous amount of contaminants, such as pet dander, dust mites, carpet fibers, pollen, and old–fashioned dust will accumulate inside the ductwork of a home over the years. Arranging for regular duct cleaning from professionals (and it must be from professionals) will not only remove this reservoir of airborne pollution, it will also increase the HVAC system’s energy performance.

Air Filtration Systems

An effective way to stop many of the larger airborne irritants moving through your home (particles down to 0.3 microns in size) is with mechanical air filters. These filtration systems trap unwanted pollutants in the air passing through the ventilation system within a mesh of fibers. Let our experts find the right type of filters for your house.

Air Purifiers

Where filters stop pollutants in a fiber weave, air purifiers use electrically–powered processes to draw the pollutants down out of the air. An air purifier, properly installed and serviced, is extremely effective against tiny particles (down to 0.1 microns). If your home suffers from problems with gas and odor molecules, an air purifier might be the best solution.

Attic Ventilation

You may not think it’s useful to have fans up in the attic—after all, you don’t spend much time there—but fans ventilating this space will help you around the year. During summer, attic ventilation removes a major heat sink that raises the temperature of the rest of the house. In winter, attic ventilation takes away moisture that can build up and damage the roof. Call us for more information.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Do you use natural gas as a power source in your house? Then you must have carbon monoxide detectors as a safety precaution against a rise in CO levels that can be harmful to people in your household. Speak to our experts today to arrange for the installation of hardwired carbon monoxide detectors.


When high humidity strikes, you can be in for some unpleasantly stuffy conditions in your house. You can also encounter trouble with water damage a mold growth. The air conditioning system only has a minor effect on humidity, so call our technicians and arrange to have a whole–house dehumidifier installed into your HVAC system.

Duct Repair and Replacement

The ductwork in your house does a huge amount of work all around the year. And sometimes that means the they will wear down and your ducts require repairs—or even a complete replacement. Don’t delay with scheduling this service: simply give our ventilation professionals a call and they’ll take care of whatever work you need.

Duct Sealing

Ductwork that has air leaks can be responsible for a loss of up to 30% of the air moving through the ventilation system. That adds up to an immense amount of wasted money and lost comfort. How to solve this problem? Let our ductwork professionals seal up those holes and gaps so they stay sealed.

Duct Testing

With your ducts mostly hidden from sight, how do you know when they’re damaged or suffering from air leaks? Finding out requires the work of specialists with the right tools. Set up an appointment with our HVAC team and they will conduct complete duct testing to identify if you’re in need of repair work.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

You can have fresh air enter your house without placing extra stress on your heater or air conditioner. A device known as an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) pulls in fresh outdoor air and pre–cools or pre–heats it with a current of stale indoor air. Fresh air reaches your home at the temperature you desire.


Dry air can often be a big issue in Texas around the year. It leads to cracked skin, itchy eyes, dried sinuses, the easy spread of illness, static electricity, and a sharper edge to cool temperatures. A whole–house humidifier can resolve all of these issues, and you only need to give us a call to get started with one.


Insulation is important 12 months of the year for your home’s indoor comfort and energy efficiency. It isn’t just for cold weather! If your home needs a boost for its insulation, you should consider having blown–in insulation laid down. Contact our team to find out more about blown–in insulation and how it can help your house.

Smoke Detectors

Protecting your family is probably your #1 priority. This why you need to have working and effective smoke detectors installed throughout your house. Don’t rely on basic off–the–shelf detectors, however. We can help to set up hardwired, sensitive smoke detectors that will give your household an extra level of protection.

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