Does Good Insulation Make a Difference in Summer?

The average homeowner associates insulation with cold weather. We wouldn’t blame you if you’re one of these homeowners—after all, it’s during winter that we want and need to be protected from the chillier temperatures, right? Naturally, more insulation will help you achieve this. Of course, living anywhere near Sugar Land, TX, you don’t have to worry about cold weather for too long, so you might ignore the importance of proper home insulation.

Does Good Insulation Make a Difference in Summer

However, insulation does more than protect you from the cold. In fact, it benefits your comfort every bit as much in the summer as it does the winter. Sure, temperatures are still chilly for now, but that means that now is the perfect time to focus on how to most efficiently use your air conditioner when the time comes for it to cycle back on again. In order to achieve optimal comfort with high efficiency this year, be sure you have the right insulation in the right areas of your home. Read on to learn more, and contact our team for expert Sugar Land insulation services!

What You Should Know about Heat Transfer

Insulation does benefit homeowners in the wintertime—there’s no argument against that. It prevents heat from transferring out of your home and into the air outside. However, heat transfer works both ways!

In our Texas climate, the ability to prevent the unwanted transfer of heat into your home can be even more important than preventing it from going out. Either way you look at it, if you don’t have sufficient insulation installed in your home, heat transfer will occur, and as a result your HVAC system won’t be able to work as efficiently, because you’ll be trying to adjust your thermostat lower or higher than you would otherwise need to.

What Type of Insulation Is Best?

Blown-in insulation is the choice of many savvy homeowners and HVAC professionals. The reason for this is because it is among the most efficient types of insulation—it can perform up to 45% better than fiberglass insulation, and it’s very easy for installers to put in, meaning there’s minimal disruption to your time. It helps you use your HVAC system more efficiently, saving you money, and insulating your home sufficiently actually helps the environment, too.

That’s right, the Department of Energy calls insulating your home’s attic one of the most important energy-saving projects you can accomplish in your home. The reason for this is because the energy you save won’t have to be produced by power plants, thereby reducing pollution that could otherwise harm the ecosystem. Insulating your attic saves you money, improves HVAC efficiency and indoor air quality, and gives you bragging rights that you’re helping the ecosystem!

Lastly, a sufficiently insulated home, particular an adequately insulated attic, prevents long-term moisture damage. When an attic isn’t properly insulated, the rising heat from your furnace can lead to moisture development, which can slowly but surely damage your property, or at least contribute to the development of mold and mildew.

To learn more about the role that insulation plays in your home and HVAC efficiency in Sugar Land, TX, contact Fresh Air, LP today!

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