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Commercial Indoor Air Quality

Modern buildings are designed with a focus on reducing energy waste. This means the buildings must have strong insulation and sealing against out conditions. But there’s an unfortunate side effect of creating a strong heat seal around a building: indoor air quality suffers as the concentration of airborne contaminants inside increases. The results can be stale, stuffy, and unhealthy work environment. None of this is helpful for the day-to-day operations of a company, as it affects customers, clients, and employees alike.

Combating issues with commercial indoor air quality requires the help of professionals. Fresh Air, L.P. offers numerous different solutions to problems with air quality that might afflict your establishment, such as air purifiers, filters, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers. Contact us to arrange for an appointment that will discover the best way to improve your commercial air quality in Sugar Land.

Your commercial indoor air quality matters! Fresh Air, L.P. will see that you receive the finest quality work in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding areas.

Pollutants That Can Affect the Air in Your Commercial Building

People are so accustomed to thinking of air pollution as something that comes from outside that they don’t realize how many sources of air contamination are located inside. Here are some examples:

  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs): These are among the most common airborne irritants in a building. They arise from numerous products and processes, such as paint, paint thinner, pesticides, cleaning compounds, printer and printer cartridges, and many types of building materials and finishes. VOCs are a source of many health troubles, including respiratory problems and flu–like symptoms.
  • Dust mites: These small insectoids don’t bite and aren’t parasitic, but they’re harmful as allergens and asthma triggers. No matter how clean your business place is, it can still have dust mites.
  • Carbon monoxide: Any building that makes use of gas power can have carbon monoxide in it. There are other combustion processes in a business that can create CO and other harmful toxins.

Along with these and many other standard pollutants like dust, dander, and pollen, a business may have to deal with extreme changes in humidity, when the air becomes too dry or too humid.

Indoor Air Quality Services for Your Company

When you give our commercial IAQ professionals a call, they can assist you with finding the right type of installation or service to improve your air. One of the basic methods of boosting air quality is through the installation of mechanical air filters that remove the larger particles circulating through the ventilation system. Pairing the filter with an electronic air purifier will help stop minute airborne irritants, such as gas and odor molecules. If our experts find that you have biological pollutants like mold, they can eliminate the problems with a UV air purifier. If you have trouble with humidity balance, we’ll use humidifiers and/or dehumidifiers so that you have a pleasant indoor environment.

Contact Us Today for Great Commercial Indoor Air Quality

Fresh Air, L.P. wants you to have a successful business every day of the year, and we’re here to assist with cleaning the air all around you, your employees, and your clientele. This includes installing whatever type of air purification system will do the job you need, as well as taking care of repairs, replacements, and routine maintenance check–ups.

Don’t ignore the air quality needs of your business in Sugar Land! It only requires a phone call to our offices to get started with cleaner and healthier air. Skip past the amateur promises and go right to a company with decades of experience.

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