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Your home can have the most efficient and well-cared for heating and air conditioning system, complete with extra features and durable construction, and still experience inferior comfort and inflated energy bills. The reason? A thermostat that simply isn’t up to doing its job.

If you’re looking for service for your thermostat, such as replacing an ancient model with the latest in “smart” technology or having a malfunctioning model fixed up, you only need to call on Fresh Air, L.P.. We have the full installation, replacement, and repair work that you need to keep your heater and AC working at their best.

The HVAC professionals at Fresh Air, L.P. offer quality service for thermostats in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding areas.

The Importance of Your Home’s Thermostat

A thermostat is a small device, but you should never underestimate its importance to how your household is heated and cooled and how efficiently your HVAC system uses energy. A thermostat that is inaccurate by a few degrees will start wasting power and make your AC and heater work ineffectively. A broken thermostat will create major headaches, such as a heating/cooling system that won’t turn on or won’t turn off. And if a thermostat was initially installed in the wrong place in a house, exposed to direct sunlight or to drafts, it will misread temperatures and make it hard for you to remain comfortable. And with the summer temperatures in Sugar Land, a reliable thermostat controlling your AC is critical to your comfort. You can’t service a thermostat yourself, so make sure that you keep our professionals in mind for the service below.

Options for Thermostat Replacement to Consider

Often the best way to improve your home’s heating and air conditioning is to upgrade with a new thermostat installation. Are you still using an old manual thermostat? Then you’re missing out on some great options, such as:

  • Digital thermostat – Even a simple digital thermostat with no programmable features is more accurate by a few degrees than a manual one. And if you choose to have a digital programmable thermostat installed, you’ll have much better control over comfort and energy use in your house.
  • Wireless thermostat – More technology is going wireless today, so why not thermostats? Wireless models have more freedom of placement in a house, and most come equipped with remote controls and Wi–Fi access.
  • Smart thermostat – This is the current pinnacle of comfort control technology. A smart thermostat learns from your history of settings and uses the data to develop a program that maximizes your energy use without sacrificing an iota of comfort.

We Also Repair Thermostats

You won’t always need to upgrade your thermostat to new models, especially if you already have a cutting–edge one working in your home. But, as we mentioned above, only a minor temperature sensor miscalibration will start to cause problems in your house. A full loss of connection to your AC or heater will mean that you won’t receive any comfort at all. However, Fresh Air, L.P. is here to help. Call us for repairs any time of the day or night, and we’ll have your thermostat back to working the way it should. No matter your comfort needs in Sugar Land, TX, we’re the people to turn to.

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