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Air Duct Cleaning in Sugar Land TX

Your indoor air quality in your home is something that you may not think of on a day to day basis. Most homes use a ventilation system made up of metal and plastic ducts. These air ducts move through the walls, floors, and attic space to carry air from the heater and air conditioner to the rooms vents, as well as draw the air back into the system through return ducts. It’s easy to forget about the ductwork in a home because most of it is out of sight—but this is a mistake, since the ducts will start to accumulate layers of dust and other debris over time. Eventually, clogged ductwork will create problems for HVAC system efficiency and even create a decline in air quality. Regular cleaning will take care of this problem. Fresh Air, L.P. provides thorough air duct cleaning in Sugar Land. Simply give us a call to arrange for this vital service.

Fresh Air, L.P. offers air duct cleaning in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding areas. Call us when quality matters!

Professional Air Duct Cleaning

How bad could some dust inside the air ducts really be? The truth is that it ductwork will collect more than just a little bit of dust. Contaminants in the air ducts can start to affect your HVAC system after only a year of building up—and the more debris gets caught in the ducts, the easier it is for more debris to start collecting. This will place resistance against the air flow from the air conditioner and forced–air heater, making the comfort system drain more energy to work. Utility bills will rise, and so will repair bills. Cleaning out the air ducts takes away a huge source of strain on your HVAC system.

This reservoir of dust, dirt, carpet and furniture fibers, dust mites, dander, and other pollutants inside ducts can also adversely affect the quality of your home’s air. Regular cleaning removes this major source of airborne contaminants. Your house will be cleaner too!

count on us for your duct cleaning

If you’re thinking that you can take care of cleaning the ducts on your own, we advise you to rethink. Will you really be able to access the entire ventilation network by yourself? Can you actually get the results you need just by pushing the long hose of a vacuum down an open vent cover? This is a job that only professionals with high–end equipment can perform correctly. Our professionals use special power vacuums, brushes, and agitators to completely clean out a home’s air ducts. The job only takes up about an hour, but it will result in a through cleaning.

We advise homeowners to have air duct cleaning done every three to four years. For some houses the amount of time will be different, and if you want a more solid answer about scheduling, simply ask your local professionals. If you’ve never arranged for air duct cleaning in your home, then you’re almost certainly overdue for it! Call us right away and we’ll set an appointment.

Fresh Air, L.P. handles a number of different services to care for residential ductwork. Along with duct cleaning, we also provide duct testing, repairs, replacement, and sealing. Call us to learn all about our ventilation system work in Sugar Land.

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