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Attic Ventilation

When you think about ways to keep your home cool during a hot summer in Sugar Land and other parts of Texas, you probably won’t immediately imagine that placing fans in the attic will do much good. After all, you hardly spend any time in the attic, why would you want to have it specially ventilated?

But there are good reasons to have attic ventilation installed—in particular a solar-powered ventilation system. You can significantly reduce the heat in the rest of your home this way, and there are benefits for cooler times of the year as well. Call Fresh Air, L.P. and speak to our team of comfort experts to learn more about attic fans and the benefits of attic ventilation.

Call Fresh Air, L.P. when quality matters. We install and service attic ventilation systems in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding areas.

The Advantages of Attic Ventilation for Your House

During a clear, sunny day, the sunlight across the roof of your home creates radiant heat that will turn the attic into a massive hothouse. During the summer, the temperature in the attic can often rise to 130°F. This heat will start to spread down into the rest of the house, where it can mean the difference in whether you have the AC on or off. Insulation in the attic will help prevent this movement of heat, but an attic fan that vents of the hot air will make the job of the insulation far easier: with the heat difference between the attic and the rest of the house lowered, the heat transference between the two will be much slower. Your household will enjoy better comfort, and the air conditioner won’t need to run as much, lowering utility bills.

Attic ventilation is also helpful during cooler times of the year. The fans vent out moisture that rises into the attic, which helps to protect the roof from damage from water vapor and wood rot.

Solar–Powered Attic Ventilation

One option to consider for attic ventilation is to have a solar–powered unit installed. This is a cost–effective alternative to standard attic fans, and they are especially useful during the long summer months. After all, why is the attic of your home so hot on summer days? Because the sun is beating down on the roof! With a solar–powered ventilation system installed, you’ll harness that same energy and use it to vent out all the heat—free energy, since it comes straight from the sun. But a solar–powered ventilator will still work on cloudy days as well: as long as there’s light, there’s energy.

Need Repairs or Maintenance for Your Attic Ventilation?

Attic ventilations systems, in particular solar–powered ones, require the work of professionals to install. Although expertly–installed attic fans should run for years without problems, they will still require routine maintenance checks, plus an occasional repair should anything go amiss. Our technicians are glad to help with any service that your attic ventilation system needs, including replacing it when it becomes too worn down.

If you’re still unsure if attic ventilation is a good idea for your home, feel free to contact our specialists at Fresh Air, L.P.. We are committed in the Sugar Land area to finding the best solutions for residential comfort and energy efficiency.

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