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Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Most homes use natural gas to some extent to power appliances. Gas stoves and ovens are popular, and the gas heater is one of the least expensive ways to deliver central heating to a house. But natural gas has one downside: the combustion process can create a harmful gas called carbon monoxide that may enter your living spaces.

The way to prevent CO poisoning is with special carbon monoxide detectors, and Fresh Air, L.P. installs them. Our technicians will wire up your home in Sugar Land with an excellent set of carbon monoxide detectors that will give you ample warning in case of an increase in carbon monoxide levels.

To arrange for service for carbon monoxide detectors in Sugar Land, TX or the surrounding areas, call Fresh Air, L.P.. When quality matters!

What Is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless gas that is also toxic. The fumes can come from many different places within a home, but the biggest danger comes from natural gas appliances such as furnaces, boilers, stoves, and ovens. CO can also enter a home from the exhaust of a car in an attached garage.

When breathed in high concentrations, carbon monoxide causes dizziness, headaches, weakness, upset stomachs, chest pains, and many flu–like symptoms. It can render a person unconscious and continue exposure can be lethal. Everyone is at risk of CO poisoning, with infants, the elderly, and people who suffer from heart disease and respiratory illness having higher risk levels.

The Importance of Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

Because CO has no odor or color, you need a detector to note when its presence becomes a danger. A carbon monoxide detector works in much the same way as a smoke detector does. The small unit monitors levels of CO. Once these levels rise above what is safely, the CO detector sounds an alarm. This will give you and your family time to shut off the gas, open up windows, and leave the premises to phone for help before any of you suffer from adverse symptoms.

Although you can purchase battery–powered CO detectors at stores that you place on a shelf or other surface, these detectors are far less sensitive than the hard–wired ones that heating and indoor air quality experts can install in your home. The professionals will hook up detectors on the walls (CO is slightly lighter than air and rises) and in all the important locations of your home to ensure best coverage. If you use natural gas in your home, you should give our team a call right away to have detectors wired up.

Carbon Monoxide Detection Services

Once our professionals have you set up with your new carbon monoxide detectors, they’ll show you how to test them. Make sure you do this every 6 months (the same time you set the clocks forward and backward for daylight savings time) to see that they are working properly. If you find detectors that have malfunctioned, call us right away and we’ll have the trouble repaired or the broken unit replaced. With regular maintenance and vigilance, you should have your family well–protected from any CO hazards.

You can rely on the people at Fresh Air, L.P. to see that your home is heated effectively and safely in Sugar Land, TX. Call today to schedule carbon monoxide detector services.

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