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Duct Repair and Replacement in Sugar Land, TX

The majority of houses have long stretches of ductwork made of sheet metal and plastic the runs behind the walls, through the floors, and along the attic. These ducts carry conditioned air from the heater and air conditioner and circulate it into the rooms and then back through another set of ducts. Because the ducts are mostly hidden from sight, you probably won’t immediately notice when something is wrong with them and that you need to call for specialists to either repair or replace them.

If you suspect that you have ductwork damage (and we’ll provide some tips below for how to notice this), then pick up the phone and call Fresh Air, L.P. in Sugar Land. We provide a range of services to care for and repair ventilation systems, including replacing damaged ducts. We’ll locate the trouble and discover what repair work or other services will restore your ducts to airtight condition once again.

When quality matters, contact Fresh Air, L.P. in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding areas. We offer excellent duct repair and replacement.

Signs That Your Ducts May Need Repairs

As we promised above, here are some ways to tell that you may have damaged ductwork:

  • High heating/cooling bills: When ducts have gaps and holes in them, or they are starting to fall apart, they will lose a large amount of the air moving through them—often up to 30%. That will translate into money wasted conditioning air that never reaches the rooms. If you see your heating and cooling bills start to rise steadily, you may have faulty ducts.
  • Rattling noises: Loose ducts will create a rattling sound when the heater or AC turns on. As the ducts flex because of the changes in the heat, the loose sections will make more noise.
  • Low air flow from the vents: Losing air from damaged ducts will cause the air pressure inside to plunge, and the result will be sluggish air flow from the vents. If you notice a cold or hot spot in your home, check the vent to see if low air flow is behind it.

Why You Must Have Professionals for Duct Repair and Replacement

You may fancy yourself as handy around the house, but trying to repair a broken duct, or worse, purchasing a duct section on your own and attempting a DIY replacement, is a bad idea. It’s likely that poor duct installation got you into this problem in the first place, and you don’t want to re–create that error by attempting your own duct repairs. Allow our technicians to access the ducts and take care of this job with our training and advanced equipment. We do our own sheet metal fabrication, so we can manufacture the right replacement ducts to fix your system so it works better than it ever did before.

Call Us for Duct Replacement and Repair in Sugar Land

There are many reasons why you should trust Fresh Air, L.P. when you’re looking to have your ducts repaired or part (or all) of the ventilation system replaced. First, we have the custom sheet metal fabrication services that will deliver you the perfect new ducts. Second, we have years of experience, going back to 1971. Third, our team is filled with highly trained experts. Fourth, we have a huge family of satisfied clients who have relied on us for many years. And fifth—well, we could keep going on, but it’s better if you just call us to hear more about our services.

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