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Energy Recovery Ventilators

There’s a dilemma when it comes to bringing fresh air into your home: if it is warm or cold outside, you also bring in a temperature difference, which will mean you’ll either have to keep the heater or air conditioner running overtime to compensate, or shut the comfort system off and deal with an unpleasant environment. But there are ways to solve this problem, and one of them is to have professionals install and energy recovery ventilator.

What does an energy recovery ventilator actually do? We’ll go into that in a bit more detail below. But you can find people with all the knowledge and skill necessary to install one of these device in your home when you call Fresh Air, L.P.. We have many years of history assisting home in the Sugar Land area with improving their indoor air quality while not adversely affecting their comfort.

If you are looking for service for energy recovery ventilators in Sugar Land, TX or the surrounding areas, call Fresh Air, L.P.. When quality matters!

What an Energy Recovery Ventilator Does

The job of an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) is to pre–heat or pre–cool air brought in from the outside of a house using the air from the inside of the house. The ERV exhausts the air from inside, but before that air leaves, it passes through the incoming fresh air. A process called counter–flow heat exchange causes the fresh incoming air to either lose heat or gain heat, adjusting its temperature to match the comfort needs of the house.

In other words, during a hot day, the warmer outdoor air will lose its heat to the cooler indoor air, lowering its temperature so that the air conditioning system won’t need to strain against an influx of hot air. During a cold day, the process works in reverse.

How You Can Benefit from an ERV Installation

There are a number of ways that an ERV will help out your house. The most important is that it brings in the much–needed fresh air that will improve stuffy and contaminant–filled conditions indoors—and will do it without making additional work for the air conditioner or heater. It’s a way to enjoy a better ventilated house without having pay more to heat and cool and, and without losing any comfort. Another advantage of an ERV is that it also transfers moisture between the two currents, so it balanced indoor humidity. This works both for humid summer conditions and dry winter conditions.

Contact Us for Excellent ERV System Services

Only a skilled HVAC professionals can install an energy recovery ventilator into a home’s ventilation system so that it works properly. Our technicians at Fresh Air, L.P. will be glad to assist you with finding the right ERV to suit your home’s needs, or to replace an older one that no longer works. If at any time you need your ERV system repaired, or you want to schedule regular maintenance service for it (often in connection with other HVAC maintenance checks), just give us a call. We’re proud to have served Sugar Land, TX with excellent comfort for over 40 years!

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