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Extremely dry conditions (relative humidity of 30% or lower) can present problems at various times of the year in Sugar Land, TX. Both summers and winters can see humidity drop to levels where it becomes uncomfortable and unhealthy for people and damaging to building material. Although you can’t do much to reverse these dry conditions outdoors, you can rely on a humidifier to improve the situation to take care of your indoor environment.

We don’t recommend that you rely on a store-bought room humidifier, however. One of these might be fine for an infant’s room, but will do little good to balance humidity levels throughout your house. Fresh Air, L.P. offers installation of whole-house humidifiers that give our customers the better comfort, health, and savings they crave.

The indoor air quality professionals at Fresh Air, L.P. provide complete services for whole-house humidifiers in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding areas.

The Problems with Dry Indoor Air

When the heat becomes intense, people often welcome the idea of dry air: a "dry heat" is famously considered much better than the humid alternative. But why is this? The reason is that low moisture levels in the air allow for heat to escape faster from the human body, making a person feel cooler than the actual temperature around them. Yet when you consider this, you’ll start to understand why dry air can be a problem as well.

All that moisture lost from the body will cause skin cracking, chapped lips, and eye and nose irritation. If the weather is cool, rather than hot, lost heat from the body is definitely bad news, since it makes a person feel colder. The humidity will also dry up sinuses and membranes, making it easier for illness to spread around the house. Moisture will also leave from wooden and painted surfaces, causing them to crack.

How Installation of a Whole–House Humidifier Helps You

Most of these above problems can be stopped with the installation of a whole–house humidifier. Here are some of the notable benefits:

  • Energy savings during cool weather: You’ll need to run your home heating system much less when you have a humidifier helping to keep people warm. You might even be able to cut down on use by 50% in a mild Texas winter.
  • Better health: Without dried sinuses, people in a household will have improved defenses against the transmission of colds, flus, and other illnesses.
  • Protect wood and paint: Humidifiers help protect wood and paint from cracking and chipping, which is especially important if you have precision musical instruments made of wood.

For the Best Humidifier Service in Sugar Land, Count on Us!

When you call on Fresh Air, L.P. for humidifier installation, or to replace your older whole–house humidifier, we’ll make sure that you are matched with a unit that will do the best job possible. It’s vital that you only trust professionals for this work, since you don’t want to end up with a humidifier that will make your house too humid! But should you ever run into a problem with your humidifier, or it stops working, you can rely on us to repair it. We’ll help regularly maintain your humidifier as well, along with the rest of your HVAC system.

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