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Smoke Detectors near Sugar Land, TX

According to the National Fire Protection Association, there were 369,500 house fires in 2013. Over the last decade, the average number of house fires hovered around 380,000 per year, doing more than $7 million in damages and injuring over 10,000 people per year. Home fires are a serious concern, and you need to take special steps to protect your family from them. Smoke detectors are one of the best defenses available to your: all homes should have them, and it’s best if you have professionals install and care for them.

Fresh Air, L.P. handles many indoor air quality concerns for homeowners in the Sugar Land area, and we are glad to assist with outfitting your house with new smoke detectors or take care of smoke detector replacement for an outdated system. You can contact us whenever you require assistance to keep the smoke detectors working in peak condition so they’re always ready should your household need them.

For installation and other services for smoke detectors in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding areas, call the professionals at Fresh Air, L.P.. When quality matters!

The Best Smoke Detectors for Your House

There are a number of different ways that smoke detectors do their job. The two most common are ionization smoke detectors and photoelectric smoke detectors. The ionization detector is more sensitive to fast burning fires with large flames, but not as effective with smoldering slow fires, and it more likely to create false alarms. The photoelectric smoke detector picks up fires that produce larger particles as well as smoke, but isn’t as good with faster–burning fires. There are also models called dual–sensor smoke detectors that combine the two methods into one unit.

Installers will determine which detectors will work best for your home, and will often use a combination of the two in different locations of the house. For example, a sensitive ionization detector shouldn’t be placed near a kitchen, because it will trigger numerous false alarms.

Why Call Professionals for Smoke Detector Installation

Is it necessary to have professionals install smoke detectors in a house? No—but it is highly recommended. A smoke detector system works best when it’s hard–wired into the home’s electrical system (with a battery backup for each unit) and placed in the key areas where it will rapidly detect the presence of smoke and give the alarm in time to protect you and your family. Smoke detectors that are professionally installed have a much higher chance of success at alerting households, and smaller chance of interrupting home life with false alarms. Professionals can also set up a network with carbon monoxide detectors (if your home uses natural gas) for extra levels of protection.

Regular Smoke Detector Services Are Essential

As with any type of detector or alarm system, the point of a smoke detector is lost if you don’t know that it can actual do its job. It’s vital that you regularly check on your home’s smoke detectors to see that they’re working. Every six months, test the detectors (they have a button on the front for this purpose) to see that they’re still operating. Most units have battery back–ups, and you should change these once a year. If you find the detectors are not working, call our technicians and they’ll take care of repairing the units or replacing them.

You can trust to Fresh Air, L.P. to handle any service you may require for smoke detectors in Sugar Land. Contact our offices to arrange for an appointment, and leave the rest to us.

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