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Air Conditioning and Heating Services in Richmond, TX

No matter what HVAC or indoor air quality service you are looking to have done for your house or commercial building, make sure that you look for experience and training in the contractor you hire. You will both at Fresh Air, L.P., where we have more than 40 years of history providing service for Richmond, TX-to homes and businesses-and have the certifications and training to back up all our work. Our team of technicians offers a wide range of air conditioning and heating services, as well as specialized services such as sheet metal fabrication and duct sealing.

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Air Conditioning

There’s no question that summers in Richmond can be scorchers, and there can be some pretty hot days during other parts of the year. To see that your home is prepared, let the specialists at Fresh Air, L.P. see that you have a great functioning air conditioning system that operates at peak energy efficiency. Whether that means installing a new cooling system or simply providing annual maintenance repairs, you can trust to our professionalism and skill on each job.

Air Conditioning Repair

Since we know that no unit will work without fault, if your home needs AC repair, we’ve got you covered there too. There is nothing worse than having your air conditioning break down in the middle of a heat wave. Make sure to call Fresh Air, L.P. for air conditioning repair in Richmond, TX.

Indoor Air Quality

An unfortunate fact of everyday living is that homes often have high concentrations of airborne pollutants in them. It doesn’t matter how clean a house you have: there are numerous sources of unpleasant contaminants, chemicals, and gases. To prevent health and comfort problems, call on Fresh Air, L.P., where we install and service many excellent indoor air quality devices, such as air purifiers, air filters, and energy recovery ventilators. We also provide duct repair and sealing work to protect your ventilation system. Make us your choice for air quality services in Richmond!


Those cold days will arrive in Richmond at some point during the year, and if you neglect to care for your household heating system-or you don’t have one at all!-you and your family can be in for an unpleasant time. Fresh Air, L.P. is as dedicated to seeing that you remain comfortable in the winter as in the summer. We install, replace, repair, and maintain a variety of furnaces and heat pump, including ductless mini split heat pumps. Whatever you need, you only have to give us a call and consider it done!

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