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Air Conditioning in Sugar Land, TX

The Texas summers can best be described as brutal. You never want to be caught with a non-working air conditioning system in your house when the temperatures start to rise into the 80s and beyond. Whether you need a new AC installed or professionals to service or repair a current system that isn’t doing its job, the company to call is Fresh Air, L.P.. We’ve served the Sugar Land, Houston and Fort Bend area with excellent air conditioning, including AC repair, since 1971, and we back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’re dedicated to supplying you with exceptional service using the best equipment and brands available.

We offer many different types of AC services at Fresh Air, L.P., such as:

Contact Fresh Air, L.P. when you need air conditioning repair in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding areas.

Air Conditioning repair You Can Rely On

The best way to see that your AC system rarely runs into repair issues is to arrange for an annual check–up. Our professionals will come to your home each spring to inspect and tune–up the air conditioner so that it’s prepared for the trials of a Texas summer. This will not only keep away repair troubles, it will see that the AC has a long lifespan without losing energy efficiency.

Nothing can prevent all malfunctions, however. When you do need repairs done for your air conditioner, we have service available to you 24/7. Make us your first call for air conditioning repair in Sugar Land, TX.

Air Conditioning Installation or Replacement

When an air conditioner comes to the end of its lifecycle, or you move into a new home that doesn’t have a cooling system yet, you should call HVAC professionals to get started with finding a new AC. Our technicians will see the process through from beginning to end, starting off with picking the right type of system and sizing it so that it meets your cooling requirements while also conserving energy. You can trust that our NATE–certified and experienced technicians will have the unit in place in no time at all so your family can get back to enjoying comfortable days during hot weather.

Surge Protection for Your Cooling System

You’re probably accustomed to thinking about how to protect your valuable home appliances from the damage of a spike in voltage through the house (a power surge). Computers, monitors, and other precision devices need surge protection. But you may not have realized that your air conditioning system also falls into the category of a precision device that can receive damage from a voltage spike. Does your home’s AC have the surge protection it needs? We’ll be glad to help you with an air conditioning unit surge protector that will keep the system safe from small surges (such as from a short circuit) and large ones (a lightning strike or downed power line).

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