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Zone Control Systems

If there’s a drawback to using central air conditioning and heating in a home, it’s the inability to control which parts of building receive heating and cooling and which don’t. The standard forced-air HVAC system sends out conditioned air to every vent connected to the ducts, and only shutting the covers of the vents will alter air flow—and this is still not an effective method, nor does it alter how much energy the heater and AC use.

There’s a way to change this situation: the installation of zone controls in the HVAC system. Call our experts at Fresh Air, L.P. to find out more about how we can help you save money throughout the year and provide your household with other benefits thanks to a zone control system. We’re one of your best options in Sugar Land when it comes to home comfort combined with savings.

Fresh Air, L.P. provides services for zone control systems in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding areas, starting with installation.

How Zone Heating and Air Conditioning Works

To create different temperature "zones" throughout a home requires dividing up the ventilation network that runs through the walls and ceilings to distribute air from the heater and AC. Technicians place a set of dampers inside the ductwork, which are capable of sealing off sections of the ducts and prevent conditioned air from reaching the terminal vents. The homeowner can decide on how many different zones will work for a home: it can be as few as an upstairs and downstairs set of zones, or as many as there are rooms. Installing the dampers can be done as a retro–fit on an existing system, or as part of the initial installation of an HVAC system.

To control the dampers for the zone, there are a series of thermostats wired to each one. This allows someone in a specific zone direct access to how the area is heated or cooled. These local thermostats are centrally operated through a main thermostat, allowing the complete manipulation of conditions throughout the house.

Some Advantages of Zone Air Conditioning and Heating

You can see some of the advantages of having a zone control system in your home right away: there’s less energy waste over the year since only rooms that require heated or cooled air receive it. For large houses, or houses that have frequently empty rooms (like guest rooms), this can make an enormous difference.

There are other advantages you may not have thought about. Zone control gives individuals in a household the ability to create personalized comfort by operating local thermostats. Rooms can also be heated and cooled to match their specific use, such as greater cooling in the kitchen and more warmth in an infant’s room.

Repair and Replacement for Zone Heating and Cooling

Although you can trust our team to provide you with an excellent installation for a zone control system, you may at some point need to have it repaired. We’re glad to help with that. If you notice a zone is no longer receiving heating or cooling, or the controls aren’t responding, call our technicians and they’ll find out what needs to be done. If you’re looking to have a full replacement, we’re also the people to turn to.

No matter how you want your home in Sugar Land, TX heated or cooled, you only need to reach out to Fresh Air, L.P. and we’ll offer you the options and work that will get the job done.

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